Friday, December 14, 2012

Strategic Management in Investments

Strategic Management has emerged as a systematic approach in properly positioning companies in the complex environment by balancing multiple objectives. In practice, therefore, a comprehensive Capital expenditure planning and, control system will not simply focus on profitability, as assumed by modern Finance theory, but also on growth, competition, balance of products, total risk diversification, and managerial capability and flexibility. there are umpteen examples in the developing countries like India where unprofitable ventures are not divested even by the private sector companies because of there desirability from the point of view of consumer and employees, in particular and society, in general. Such considerations are not at all less important than Profitability since the ultimate survival of companies (and certainly that of management) hangs on them. One must appreciate the dynamics of complex forces influencing resource allocating in practice; it is not simply the use of the most refined DCF techniques.
Certain other practical considerations are as follows.
  • Apart from the profitability of the project, other features like its (project's) critical utility in the production of the main product, strategic importance of capturing the new product first, adapting to the changing market environments, have a definite there bearing on investment decisions.
  • Take technological their developments play a critical role in guiding investment decisions. Government policies and concessions also have a bearing on these.

How to Find a Perfect Online Education Program and Online Degrees

Technology has come a long way. Most of us now carry access to our emails in our pockets through our cell phones. We can watch the latest television shows any time we want on our iPods. Video chats are possible with friends and loved ones around the world. In a short time span technology has opened up our world. This includes the world of education. No longer is online education associated with only certification, but a person can now find online education for degree programs.

Many institutions of higher education, colleges and universities, offer online education programs. This offers many advantages for those seeking degrees. These schools offer associate, bachelors and even master's degrees. All of the education you could want is now only as far away as your computer.

Finding an accredited school is a must. An accredited school means that school has met or exceeded certain educational standings. They offer what is deemed as a quality education that is consistently held to high standards. Other benefits to look for in an online education program includes live student support, financial assistance, payment plans, industry leading materials and more.